Casey Farm

Mess Kit

Woven wicker basket with wooden frame. Contains a camping set. three tall rectangular tin canisters (two small and one large), each with flat lid and “D” ring handle. Tin divider in basket attached to circular tin ring which supports two corner “C” shaped low corner canisters with “D” ring handle. One tall corner container is a flask. Central ring has circular tin bucket with bail handle, circular coffee pot w/ retractable handle and straight spout. Small circular canister with flat cover and “D” ring inside contains camp burner in circular form with domed top and raised hole, tall round covered sides have three bracket shaped rods to hold pots above flame. Two lids, one small, one large, both have straight flange, flat lip and domed center w/ “D” ring handle. Three plates with edge turned under, arched rim and beaded ring and edge of dish. One bowl with flared flat handle, small beaded rim, deep dish.

1955.329, Bequest of Edward P. Casey