Casey Farm

Casey Farm's Natural Places

Dappled sunlight covers a wide green path flanked by tall trees and a stone wall

Most of the acreage at Casey Farm is not cultivated and is the habitat for many wild plants and animals. There are trails that make it into an outdoor classroom for our education programs and a place for bird watchers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts of all kinds. You can have a look at some wild plants and animals photographed on the property in our picture galleries below.

Get a perspective on the holistic way the land, water, plants and animals have nurtured the lives of Indigenous people for millennia from Lorén Spears of the Tomaquag Museum.

To the east is Narragansett Bay, and across its West Passage is the island of Jamestown. See the Casey Point section of this web app to learn more about it and how you can visit in person. To the west is about a mile of trails through the largest portion of the farm, which is mostly wooded, toward the Narrow River. There is more about that and our neighboring organizations that share our dedication to conservation and open space in the section about the Narrow River. Both sections have a hiking map with all access guidelines. Enjoy your outdoor adventure!

Narragansett Lifeways

by Lorén M. Spears, Executive Director, Tomaquag Museum

Wild Animals at Casey Farm

Casey Farm is home to many more wild animals than domesticated animals. Zoom in to check out just a few of the many residents of Casey Farm whose kind have lived here for centuries. Because we conserve all this acreage, they will continue to have a home here in the future. In the bay, ponds, estuary, trees, pastures, fields, and forest, you will find wild animals of all sorts. Have a closer look at some of the animals of the land, sea, and air that stayed still long enough to have their pictures taken.


Wild Plants

Exploring along the woodsy lane, through the grassy pastures, or down to Casey Point, you will find fascinating plant life. Here are just a few examples to keep an eye out for on your next visit!

Magenta beach roses in bloom

Globular white and brown speckled mushroom in the grass

Yellow and white wildflowers in a meadow with bees

Top: Puff ball mushroom, Center: Rosa rugosa, Bottom: Boneset and goldenrod