Casey Farm

Deed of sale for “One Negro Man, named Wat” to Silas Casey


Whereas execution hath been executed and levied, by me the Subscriber Elijah Johnson, Deputy Sheriff, in the County of Kent, on one Negro man, named Wat, as the estate of Benjamin Fry of East Greenwich in the County of Kent, Yeoman, in order to satisfie and pay a certain judgment of Court, recovered against the said Benjamin Fry, by Stephen Wanton of Newport, in the County of Newport, Mariner, which said Negro, according to Law, was on the Twenty Sixth day of October A.D. 1765 sold at public vendue, and struck off to Silas Casey, (who was the highest bidder) for Fifty Five Pounds lawful money of the Colony of Rhode Island.  Therefore I the said Elijah Johnson, do hereby acknowledge that (in my said capacity) I have received of the said Silas Casey the paid sum of Fifty Five Pounds in like lawful money as abovesaid, to and for the use above mentioned; which is in full for said Negro as he was sold as aforesaid.  As witness my hand and seal, this Twenty Sixth day of October Anno Dom. 1765.

Elijah Johnson: D: Srif
Edmond Andrews