Casey Farm

Welcome to Casey Farm

Aerial of garden, lawn, barnyard, and planting fields with bay and islands beyond. White farmhouse at center left.

In some essential ways, very little has changed over the centuries at Casey Farm. Indigenous people were drawn to this fertile strip between the bay and river because of the abundant food sources more than ten centuries ago. The same three hundred acres that were surveyed in 1652 are the same our farmers work today. Continuity was maintained by eight generations of ownership by one family from 1702 to 1955, and then stewardship by Historic New England from 1955 on.

The farm house, barn complex, family cemetery, gardens, fields for crops, pastures for animals, stone walls, and chicken coops would all be recognizable to yesterday’s farmer. The rhythms of the agricultural season and even the heritage breed animals have not changed, and yet Casey Farm is on the leading edge of green practices that more and more people realize are vital for the future.

Today the site is a museum, organic working farm, education center, community gathering place, and conserved open space. The way we connect people to the land, its people, and our community have made it a popular and beloved destination. Enjoy your tour whether you are able to view it as you move through the farm, or viewing it from a distance.