Casey Farm

Stewards of the Land Over Time

For 10,000 years, humans have occupied the land on which Casey Farm now sits. The land was called Namcook by the Narragansett people, indigenous to this land. By the end of the 1650s, the land was sold and renamed “Boston Neck.” From 1658 onward, this farmland was owned and occupied by tenant and gentleman farmers until 1955 when Historic New England, then known as the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, took ownership.

These are the names of former owners and occupants of Casey Farm.

10,000 years before present
Indigenous people, the Narragansett, called the area Namcook
Atherton Company Purchase and renamed area Boston Neck. Owner Amos Richardson
Changed hands with owners named James Brown, John Payne, John Richardson, Timothy Clarke, George and Elliner Havens, and John and Mehitable Dexter
James Morey, owner, and Mary (Wilbor) Morey,
the first ancestors of the Caseys.   (1st generation)
Mary Wilbur (Morey) Coggeshall and Daniel Coggeshall, Sr. (2nd generation)
Daniel Coggeshall, Esq., owner, and Mary Wanton Coggeshall, built the farm house circa 1750
(3rd generation)
Silas Casey and Abigail Coggeshall Casey
(4th generation)
Wanton Casey and Elizabeth Goodale Casey, son and daughter-in-law of owners
Wanton Casey, owner, and Elizabeth Goodale Casey – (5th generation.)
Thomas Goodale Casey
(6th generation)
Thomas Lincoln Casey and Emma Weir Casey
(7th generation)
Thomas Lincoln Casey, Jr. (8th generation)
Edward Pearce Casey and Lillian Berry Casey (8th generation)
SPNEA, now called Historic New England

These are people who were tenant farmers and renters of Casey Farm, unless their roles are otherwise stated.

1699 Cornelius Hightman 1702
Mr. Batty
William Smith
1724 Thomas Willett 1771 Ackers Sisson 1772
William Ellery
1775-83 Mortgaged 195 ¾ acres to Benjamin Gardiner 1782-3 William Browning 1784  James Owens 1785-6  Reynolds Knowles, Daniel Coggeshall, and James Owens
1802-3 Henry Niles, rent of small house and farm laborer 1804-8 Henry Carr, rent of small house and farm laborer 1809-10 Langworthy Pierce, Henry Carr 1811-20 Francis Carpenter and George W. Watson 1812  James Pone, rent of small house 1811-14 George W. Watson 1814-21
John L. Watson
1820  Jeremiah N. Potter 1822-35  Vincent Gardiner 1840-56 Benjamin Hazard
1857-66  John H. Caswell 1867-88 Thomas J. and Sarah H. Gould


1888-c. 1919
Robert W. Watson
1924-65  Archie Rose 1965-67 Frederick Seymour, resident caretaker 1968-88
Mr. and Mrs. Archie MacLaughlin, resident caretakers
Mary Elizabeth MacLaughlin and Casey MacLaughlin, resident caretakers
1993-2006 Mike Hutchison and Polly Williams, resident farm managers 2006-10 Patrick McNiff, resident farm manager 2010-14  Ashley Cordt, resident farm manager

2014 to present – Lindie Markovich, farm manager