Casey Farm

Farm Animals 2

Two small white rabbits with a woven basket and green hay

Casey Farm raises farm animals each season for education programs and for food. Chicks are hatched in classrooms all over the area and then return to the farm with students on their field trips. While we couldn’t possibly keep all of these chickens and some are sold for others to raise, we keep about 130 heritage breed Dominiques (the first American breed) and Rhode Island Reds (our state bird). Their eggs (when not sent to schools with incubators) are collected and sold on the farm.

Heritage breed turkeys like the Narragansett, Blue Slate, and Red Bourbon strut through the fields and sometimes all over the place. The Heritage Berkshire pigs play in their yard and roll in the mud. Pekin ducks are bred to be flightless but love to swim in a pool. These animals all have a good life with plenty of room, organic food, and attention. A part of almost every children’s program is caring for the animals. We teach that animals, even those that will end up as food, should be treated with kindness and respect.

Year-round, we keep flocks of chickens and two rabbits. The New Zealand White sisters, Luna and Lola, came to us in 2019. Our barn cat, Snapdragon, was the queen of the farm and our best PR and pest control colleague until she walked off into the sunset in 2021. She had been on the farm for more than seventeen years. We adopted two young rescue cats, Roxy and Pippin, in 2022. Enjoy looking at all these cuties in pictures and video, and see if you can find where Snapdragon was hiding.