Casey Farm

Drawing on the Door

Many people miss until it is pointed out that the closet door in the room has a drawing of a ship incised in it! When the room was repainted in the 1990s, the painters discovered it and stripped the rest of the paint off to reveal the image. Because of the naughtiness of drawing on the door and the short stature of the artist, it must have been a child who drew what he or she saw all the time not far away on Narragansett Bay.

primitive line drawing of a Clipper ship etched into a wooden door panelOne Casey child who enjoyed drawing ships was Harry Weir Casey (1861-1880), who eventually attended school to become an engineer. Here is a page from a letter he wrote to his father, Thomas Lincoln Casey, when Harry was fourteen about a model ship he planned to build. Do you detect any similarities to the drawing on the door?