Casey Farm

Cow Barn Loft

Inside a wood-framed barn, the new corner post is festooned with copper tags.In the loft, we store all sorts of onions, garlic, and squashes as they cure during the harvest season, but we also have piles of wooden crates for transporting chickens, seasonal signs, lawn games, animal feeders, folding chairs, and rows of neatly organized boxes for children’s activities.
The hay mow (a door to load in hay bales) was added somewhere around the turn of the twentieth century and someone burned in the initials “GHC.” No known Casey or other person we can find corresponds to these initials.
A hefty structural post, installed in 2019, is festooned with copper tags from generous donors who made the repair work possible.

Sunlight illuminates a wooden loft with several trays of spaghetti squash and pumpkins A wood paneled door with clipped top corners and a metal beam with rope above it