Casey Farm

Annual Egg Hunt

Each year, families flock to Casey Farm for some springtime family fun, complete with a candy-filled egg hunt. They can explore the farm, visit the chickens, play farm games, have some light refreshments, and make some crafts. Did you think we would have a big bunny on this chicken farm? No, the age-appropriate egg hunts for children up to twelve years old are presided over by our own MC, Mr. Chicken.

A few yellow plastic eggs are in the green grass in front of a white farm house with a wreath and tulips at the front door.Smiling young girl holds a small black and white chick in her hands with a few people sitting on the barn floor behind her.

Three young siblings smile while holding baskets and a handmade chick craft

Man in a yellow chicken suit stands on a picnic table while holding up a megaphone. People mill in the barnyard nearby..